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Жанр: Экшен
Версия: 1.0.1
Требуется: Android 4.4 и выше
Описание от разработчика:
Modern technologies are so exciting! Put your virtual reality glasses or helmet on and be ready to participate this really amazing action game - Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR! Explore these interesting places filled with rivals, shoot them down with your own eyesight and just have fun!

Rush into this fantastic action shooting game! Roam about the location, where the time goes really slow! Follow your rivals carefully and remember: they are slow, that’s true, but they are also skillful and well-armed! Be really attentive not to miss any bullet; otherwise you may become dead in a really inappropriate moment!

Earn points for successfully killed rivals and completed missions and unlock new powerful types of weapons! Will you buy upgraded pistol, custom pistol, crossbow, shotgun, disc thrower or something else? This choice is absolutely up to you! Enjoy the technical progress exterminating your superhot rivals with your own eyesight and have fun playing Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR!

Choose the weapon, find the target with your eyesight and start this amazing adventure in slow mo! Unlock different weapons, explore all these bright locations and destroy all your rivals! Kill or be killed – there’s no other choice here!

Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR features:
• Check this amazing virtual reality action shooter
• Control your shots with your own eyesight
• Try different types of powerful weapons
• Enjoy colorful 3D surroundings

Download our new Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR game and you won’t be disappointed!

Privacy policy: http://vasilijpervic.wixsite.com/assassinrevenge/single-post/2017/03/23/ASSASSIN-REVENGE-PRIVACY-POLICY

Разработчик: Assassin Revenge

Ограничения по возрасту: 3+

Рейтинг Google Play: 3.6 из 5

Для работы "Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR" обязательно наличе гироскопа (не путать с акселерометром).
Некоторые VR игры и приложения также требуют для управления внешний контроллер (геймпад, джойстик).
Скачать Slow Mo Sniper Superhot Shooter VR
slow-mo-sniper-superhot-shooter-vr_1.0.1.apk [41,66 Mb] (cкачиваний: 1576)

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