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Скачать VR Games Without Gyroscope для виртуальной реальности

Версия: 2.2.0
Требуется: Android 4.0.3 и выше
Описание от разработчика:
Introducing a specialized application for Android gyroscope phones that want to take advantage of their VR viewers such as Cardboard, VR Box, Homido or others. Exclusively dedicated to VR games without gyroscope for Android comes this app that brings them all together so you do not have to look any further.

What is the gyroscopic sensor?

This is an internal targeting mechanism that have certain smartphones linked to virtual reality, as this allows you to see in depth, 3D style with the actual axes X, Y, Z. Not all devices have this rotation sensor, but this Does not exclude them from playing in virtual reality since there are VR games without a 360 degree gyroscope for Android phones.

What is the application of Android games to 360 degrees?

Most smartphones that unfortunately do not have a gyroscope have two other sensors, the accelerometer and compass. Certain programmers and gamers, looking to cover this spectrum of vacant users, have developed games without a gyroscope for VR Box, Cardboard and other virtual reality viewers. We have collected the best so far - and we will be adding more as we know - so that they have all together and can choose to play whatever they want.

Supported Devices:

We have available games for VR Box without gyroscope, Zeiss VR One, Google Cardboard, DeePoon M2, Noganet viewer, Vido Homer, Fiit VR, HTC Vive, ProGlass 2, FreeFly VR and any used with an Android smartphone.

Available categories and games:

We cover a wide range of subjects so that they can enjoy. The most popular virtual reality applications are focused on the area of ​​terror, survival and terror. The VR terror games are among the most requested because with the viewers an environment is created that meets the objective of each title itself.

In general all are 360 ​​degree VR games which generates an incredible visual interface. Another category we have a lot of variety is the one that focuses on the simulation that includes plane trips, amusement park rides and attractions, seeing animals on a safari and other places or even knowing the huge extinct dinosaurs.

With respect to 360 VR 3D videos we have not yet found an application that does not require the gyro sensor to run. We are waiting for you to develop an app to watch 3D videos with virtual reality lenses as it would be a high quality experience.

We have added zombie games in 3D since this is another widely requested category, the vast majority of these fuses shots, zombies, weapons and an incredible story or main plot.

How to use the VR gaming application without a 360 degree gyroscope for Android

As it is not possible to install gyroscope on Android, although if you download the virtual gyroscope and emulate it we present this excellent app that will save you time. Once downloaded and installed, we proceed to enter it, once we have access we can view a list with games that do not require the gyro or gyro sensor, we simply click on the name of the title that draws our attention to get it On our mobile device.

So simple, they can play with their glasses and glasses of virtual reality to the different games available.

Разработчик: Google Commerce Ltd

Ограничения по возрасту: 3+

Рейтинг Google Play: 2.6 из 5

Для работы "VR Games Without Gyroscope" обязательно наличе гироскопа (не путать с акселерометром).
Некоторые VR игры и приложения также требуют для управления внешний контроллер (геймпад, джойстик).
Скачать VR Games Without Gyroscope
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