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Версия: 2.1.1
Требуется: Android 4.0.3 и выше
Описание от разработчика:
Virtual games, or also known as VR Games, are a novelty that have revolutionized the market for games for smartphones and tablets, offering a unique experience in 360 degrees.

Games VR is a complete gallery where you can find thousands of games to download and install on your smartphone, tablet or any augmented reality device you have, such as some of the ones listed below.

Explore among thousands of VR Games within the different categories offered by this store. The games are divided into different categories: adventure, action, shooting, racing, simulation, terror and more. You will find the best free and top paid VR games.

Supported Devices:

- VR Glass
- Google Cardboard
- Samsung Gear (VR)
- VR goggles
- Oculus Rift
- HTC Vive (Steam VR)
- Project Morpeus

These are some of the most popular devices, but VR games work on any device that has Android operating system.

Games without gyroscope:

Certain smartphones or technology devices, compatible with the virtual reality viewers mentioned above, do not have the so-called gyroscopic sensor. The lack of this feature does not completely block the use of games or VR apps, but limits it. Likewise, more and more developers create VR games without a gyroscope that only require the accelerometer and compass sensors to function. From the app we release a specific section so that, despite not having a gyroscope, they can play games.

VR Box 3D Console: Games and apps.

In addition to the Google Cardboard viewer of the company Alphabet, which incidentally has a low price and makes it the most affordable virtual reality glasses available in the market, the next is the so-called VR Box. These viewers are more resistant, strong and comfortable than the previous ones but their price is a little higher although it continues being accessible. We have created a particular section dedicated to this niche called "Games for VR Box" where we collect compatible applications and games as well as tutorials for use, configuration of Bluetooth controls and more relevant information.

360 virtual reality movies and videos:

Another interesting functionality that have different viewers and glasses VR is the one that allows us to watch movies or videos in 3D and 360 °. They will be able to know apps that show the VR videos or sites that fulfill the same function, allowing filtering by graphical quality, duration or thematic of the same ones, certainly a different activity from the one of playing - since we can not participate or to be involved to us but simply relax and enjoy.

Tutorials and games for Google Cardboard VR / carton

It is possible to assemble the Google Cardboard viewer manually and in our house, we have made a complete tutorial that includes plans and instructions to make a virtual reality viewer home. In addition, once they have it they have a specific topic with games for Cardboard for maximum use.

Themes and categories:

We make a filter and we organize the respective games like apps so that there is a better organization in the following categories:


Any type of consultation or suggestion is well received in our mailbox. We work daily to continue improving the service we offer.

Разработчик: Google Commerce Ltd

Ограничения по возрасту: 3+

Рейтинг Google Play: 2.5 из 5

Для работы "VR Games" обязательно наличе гироскопа (не путать с акселерометром).
Некоторые VR игры и приложения также требуют для управления внешний контроллер (геймпад, джойстик).
Скачать VR Games
vr-games_2.1.1.apk [3,5 Mb] (cкачиваний: 896)

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