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Скачать Earth VR для виртуальной реальности

Версия: 2
Требуется: Android 4.4 и выше
Описание от разработчика:
This Google Cardboard app allows you to travel to planet Earth and the moon, exploring their surface in VR. Select a landing site and then once you reach the surface you can explore by tilting you head left and right to change you direction of flight. Looking up and down will change your altitude and in the settings you can enable a head up display to help you navigate further.

This app is not for use by children under age 12.

Review surroundings and clear obstacles before use. Take steps to prevent pets, children, or other obstacles entering the area during use. Take 15 minutes break for every hour of use of the app. Do not use the app if you are tired or need sleep.

Discontinue using this app if you experience:
Altered vision
Eye or muscle twitches
Loss of awareness
Seizures or
Any involuntary movement or convulsion
Что нового:
Improved terrain, textures, atmosphere, motion and navigation, as well as menu to select landing sites and a settings menu to control the display, including a head up display, and to control the audio.

Разработчик: Google Commerce Ltd

Ограничения по возрасту: 3+

Рейтинг Google Play: 2.9 из 5

Для работы "Earth VR" обязательно наличе гироскопа (не путать с акселерометром).
Некоторые VR игры и приложения также требуют для управления внешний контроллер (геймпад, джойстик).
Скачать Earth VR
earth-vr_2.apk [65,07 Mb] (cкачиваний: 506)

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